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It represents our true will, central purpose in life, and perception. A well-placed Sun will give intelligence, strong will, character, vitality, authority, courage, confidence, and leadership. If the Sun is too strong it can create pride, tyranny, and arrogance, outshining everyone else.

A weak Sun may show a lack of confidence, and the tendency to sacrifice one's self, allowing others to dominate. The Sun rules the sign of Leo, and represents the father and our relationship to him. We begin our calendar week with Sunday. It is the strongest celestial body that we observe from Earth, without which there would be no life for us.

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Whereas the Sun represents the father, the Moon represents the Mother, the Divine Goddess, and the feminine creative principle. It shows the state of our mind, including thought, emotion, and intuition.

Planets or Grahas in Vedic Astrology

A strong Moon shows nurturing, caring, sensitivity, and receptiveness, giving emotional maturity and responsibility, allowing us to benefit others. An afflicted Moon shows mental disturbance, a poor ability to relate to others, and personality disorders. The Moon is easily influenced by the energies of other planets. It symbolizes relationship, interchange, and communication with others. Its energy is masculine and shows how we project our vital energy and emotion, and it indicates our passion, motivation, and determination.

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Key words for Mars are drive and power, and he rules work, effort, research, and development. A strong Mars will indicate these qualities, but overly endowed or ill placed; Mars can cause violence, control, domination, or injury. Well placed, Mars provides the capacity for confidence to carry out our will, discrimination, insight, and self-discipline. In short, it is the planet of goal-oriented action, and its placement can show our tendencies toward utilizing that energy. Tuesday is Mars' day, and it rules the signs of Aries and Scorpio. He moves the most quickly of all the planets, gaining the reputation of messenger, traveler, and communicator.

His nature is mutable, and both other planets and energies that closely affect him easily influence Mercury. He rules writing, speech, education, calculation, thought, and commerce. A strong Mercury affords one intelligence, good humor, and psychological balance, as well as strength in Mercurial matters. Afflicted, Mercury may cause a weak intelligence, a deceptive nature, speech impediments, or nervous system disorders.

Mercury rules Wednesday, the turning point of the weak, significant in that his placement indicates the point at which we can use our intellect to change our lives and achieve balance. He rules the signs Virgo and Gemini.

Graha; 13 Definition(s)

Whereas Mercury rules the intellect that depends on information, Jupiter points toward eternal intelligence and the Divine spirit. Jupiter is joyous, fun loving, enjoys music, and loves to share. A well-endowed Jupiter will give us a strong tendency toward inner work, religiosity, a healthy vitality, and a joyful nature. An afflicted Jupiter could cause too much optimism, causing us to over speculate or to overextend ourselves or our resources. We could become caught up in the pursuit of fun, pleasure, or luxury. Jupiter shows the expansiveness of our spirit, and his placement in our charts shows the source of grace and fortune in our life.

Another name for Jupiter is Jove, hence the term jovial, and his day of the week is Thursday. Jupiter rules the signs Sagittarius and Pisces. Venus signifies art, music, poetry, and dance, and her placement shows our source of sensitivity and refinement.

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She is the embodiment of femininity, and indicates sexuality and sexual love. A well-placed Venus gives us an inherent sense of beauty and harmony, giving a great capacity for love, devotion, and sensitivity. An afflicted Venus can lead us toward self-indulgence, vanity, and exhaustion through seeking pleasure comfort, and luxury, allowing us to be taken in by appearances.

Graha Yuddha or Planetary Wars

You can relate this with nowadays talk time validity term of telecom or mobile network industry. As the validity is finished your talk time is no more. You need to re-validate that. The retrograde planet does the same, it revalidate or connects your unfinished past karma with existing one. It reminds you of the effort you put in any past time or life on a particular matter and now this is the time to finish it. Basically, it breaks the barrier of time for the time being so that you can re-evaluate yourself once again regarding related matter or work.

Sometimes memories can be so vivid that you may dream some peculiar events related to that person. Vivid dreaming is possible when the moon is somehow connected with the retrograde planet in the birth chart.

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You may find the phase little bit dull also because actually you are living in your past mentally but physical yes, you are living in the present. All these diversified things create a lot of confusions and that makes a person think deeply on a certain matter and in result it delays the work to be implemented. Retrograde planets in birth chartVedicc astrology : A retrogression phase takes you through various different dimensions of life, you may feel sometimes you are living two different lives, mentally dwelling in the past while physically you are living the present one, it is like your one leg is in the present and another is somewhere, unable to figure out where.

If the planet is only retrograde in transit so the result would not be that deep like I have mentioned above. Retrogression should be in both ways. Here birth chart retrogression is most important to feel the complete result mentioned above. No, not at all. I know many people think that retrograde planets behave like a malefic planet that is totally wrong concept. What retrograde planet does that be — it just delays the related matter and compels you to give a pause for time being on your existing work or progress. But it does not stop the progress, even it makes the progress more worthwhile when it comes after a re-evaluation.

But if a planet is a natural malefic and connected or afflicted by any malefic planet so it can be harmful, but always remember the harm you will experience not due to the retrogression of the planet, it is due to the malefic effect of the planet, retrogression will give the situation a new color only.

Yes, a retrograde planet can be strong and weak too like other planets. Retrograde planets are strong in Kendra 1 st , 4 th , 7 th and 10 th houses and Kona 1 st , 5 th , and 9 th. If a retrograde planet is there in its own exaltation sign so the planet cannot give that mush good result but if it is in debilitated sign it gives good result. There is a belief among astrologers that — retrograde planets gives the result of the previous house except for Jupiter.