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The only such exceptions revealed thus far are Mitsuaki Gamou and Kou Tatsugami. A Zodiarts Switch can only be activated by a person with negative intentions and is impossible to be truly used for good. According to Tachibana, one has a higher chance of finding a lost artificial satellite in the entire universe than finding a Zodiarts Switcher that truly uses his or her powers for good.

Though given the fact that Tachibana's true identity is that of Professor Kuniteru Emoto , who is himself the Virgo Zodiarts and who dedicates his life to undermine Gamou's plan for good causes, and to a lesser extent, Tachibana himself, the "evil" nature of the Zodiarts Switches is questionable. It is also stated that Zodiarts Switches take a physical toll on the user as a consequence of the forced evolution, causing the longest-term users to dissolve into stardust after being defeated by a Limit Break rather than simply switching off.

In some shorter-term cases the user's powers can backfire on them after defeat if they were overused, as in the case of the Aries Zodiarts. Compatibility is another important and dangerous feature of the Zodiarts Switch. However, despite evolving into a giant scorpion monster, she failed in killing Fourze, and the red eyed man confiscated her Switch, which frustrated her to no end. After asking her boss for a last chance, she was able to get back her Switch, but after being defeated by Kamen Rider Meteor, she was sent to the Dark Nebula by the Virgo Zodiarts, never to be seen again.

Kouhei Hayami was the principal of Amanogawa High School. He's a man who is pretty full of himself, and liked to think himself as a mentor figure. He's soon revealed to be the Libra Zodiarts, and pretty much became Scorpion's successor into finding new Switch users, and therefore, potential new Horoscopes. His special power is to take the appearance of other people or even make people look like they're someone different.

While most of the students he gave Switched were stopped by Gentaro, one of his Switches was discovered by a student, Natsuji Kijima, who, despite Gentaro's efforts, became Cancer Zodiarts. However, after Kijima became Cancer, he wasn't able to find a new Horoscope during weeks. However, as he was about to be sent to the Dark Nebula by Gamou, he managed to develop his Supernova Powers the Eye of Laplace out of fear.

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Thanks to them, he was able to detect the students who were the most likely to become Horoscopes, and, after being spared by his boss, became much more efficient into creating Horoscopes, and soon managed to help gather all the remaining Horoscopes Switches. It's important to notice that while Libra thinks highly of himself, he's pretty despised by most of his fellow Zodiarts, especially other Horoscopes, who, a best, didn't care for him, like Capricorn, or treated him with contempt, as seen with Leo, Cancer, Aries and Aquarius.

Indeed, behing his attitude, Libra was likely a very mediocre individual who was pretty lured by his admiration for Gamou. He ended up dying protecting Gamou from an attack by Fourze, destroyed by the whirlwind that Gamou as Sagittarius was creating to go into space. A she died, he hoped that he had gained Gamou's consideration by his sacrifice. However, Gamou pretty much only saw him as a tool. Kou Tatsugami was a brutal and likely ignorant man that Gamou has found while he was brawling with another man. Impressed by his strength, Gamou hired him as his bodyguard, and gave him a Switch, which would allow him to become a Zodiarts, and then evolve into the Leo Zodiarts.

Full text of "Kamen Rider Fourze Log : SHADOW FOURZE KITA!"

Leo had an undying loyalty to Gamou, whom he immensely admired, and would do anything to help and protect him. As Leo, he's a very powerful Horoscope, who would attack and even kill as seen with Virgo anyone who would be an obstacle or even disrespect Gamou. He was a dangerous opponent, able to use other Horoscopes Switches.

He fought for Gamou until the end, eventually dying and dissolving into Cosmic energy, after a last fight against Meteor. Virgo is probably the most mysterious of all the Zodiarts, and her identity was long secret. Every Horoscope, save Gamou, fear her, because of her power. She's the one who helped Kijima evolve into Cancer Zodiarts. He also sent Kijima to the Dark Nebula, after Libra made him look like a meddling detective.

Virgo is always ready to send any Horoscope into the Dark Nebula, and in a lot of cases, is only stopped by the fact that Gamou has other options. He's so dangerous that he's even ready to send an innocent girl Tomoko to the Dark Nebula for merely discovering her identity, and even terrorized the members of the Kamen Rider Club to have them leave the Club.

Besides, while he seemed to "execute" people, he was merely sending them to his secret base, the M-Bus, where he kept them asleep for their safety. Besides, he was forcing the Kamen Rider club members to leave only to have the ones who are essential to the fight, and protect the others from the dangers linked to it, as well as trying to make Gentaro get stronger by developing a ruthless side, which was impossible if his friends were with him.

Fearing that Fourze wasn't powerful enough, he decided to have him undergo a very harsh training, as Tachibana, helped by Meteor, to make him use his most powerful form Cosmic state without the help of his friends. While at first, Gentaro was shocked to discover that Tachibana was Virgo Zodiarts, who quickly sent a furious Meteor into the Dark Nebula. Gentaro quickly realized that Virgo didn't kill Meteor and was indeed his ally, and soon, trained again with Tachibana, who used that time his Virgo powers, and soon, Fourze was able to succeed in getting alone his Cosmic form.

Despite his female appearance, Virgo was in fact a man, Kuniteru Emoto, a friend of Gamou and Kengo's dad, Rokuro Utahoshi, who had been in the moon with them when the three of them were astronauts, long ago, and discovered the Switches with the Cosmic Energy. After Gamou and Rokuro clashed about how Cosmic Energy would be used, Emoto was ordered to kill Rokuro by Gamou's orders, which he did.

However, he felt great remorse after his crime, and decided to protect Kengo, who was revealed to be a being created by Cosmic energy, and as such, only an adoptive child. Because of his remorse, he decided to do everything he could to stop Gamou's plans, despite pretending to be his most trusted friend and ally. He was deeply scarred by his betrayal, and as a result, didn't believe anymore in friendship, convinced that friendship could be destroyed by the lust for powers. Shocked, but at the same time, deeply touched, he gladly accepted Gentaro's friendship. However at that time, Gamou discovered his betrayal, and killed him, with the help of Leo and Libra.

Emoto managed to protect the Kamen Rider Club from the fury of the others Horoscopes, and died at peace, happy to have felt again the feelings of friendship. Natsuji Kijima was a arrogant student who was the president of a rakugo a Japanese verbal entertainement who has found a Switch which has been lost by Libra. He soon used the Switch to become Pegasus Zodiarts, and used it to get revenge on anyone who was in his way, notably a young teacher who had confiscated her rakugo fan, and whom he framed as a Zodiarts.

However, he's been soon identified as Pegasus Zodiarts, and then was almost defeated by Fourze, but managed, thanls to Virog, to evolve into Cancer Zodiarts. As Cancer, he became a Zodiarts commander, and has a lot of fun being one, surprised to discover that the chairman and the principal were Zodiarts. He gave Zodiarts to students in order to have fun, and loved mocking Libra, who ended up hating him.

He was a sadistic Zodiarts, even using his powers to remove the life force of fellow students and place them in comas. He loved using his pwoers and was even able to be able to have his Supernova form by himself and discover Meteor's identity. However, despite that, he was finally defeated by Meteor. After his defeat, Libra had his revenge against him, and made him look like a medling detective to have Virgo send him to the Dark Nebula, which she he did.

However, it's likely that Virgo sent Kijima to the Dark Nebula to conceal his protege Meteor 's identity.

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While the most important horoscopes were Gamou's close associates or school staff, a lot of Horoscopes were merely students who managed to become Horoscopes. Those Horoscopes usually cared much more for their own stuff than Gamou's big project. Aries was Tatsumori Yamada, a student who transferred to Ryusei's former school and was terrorizing his school by forcing students and teachers to do whatever he wanted, by threatening them to mke them become unconscious or even kill them.

Aries cruelly used Meteor's wish to help his friend to make him kill Gentaro. Aries then decided to have the remaining Kamen Rider Club members executed by fellow students, but they were saved by a remorseful Ryusei, and then by a resurrected Gentaro thanks to the Cosmic Switch who managed to defeat Aries. After his defeat, Yamada ended up in a coma. He used his Capricorn powers to make his guitar sound in an awesome way and as such, become a great rock musician.

Ritsuko used her Zodiarts powers in the background to make believe that the other members had powers as well. Her witch coven managed to terrorize the student body with their acts of revenge. Ritsuko was planning to burn the school and ensnares the Kamen Rider Club to stop them from preventing her plans. Tomoko realizes that Ritsuko was wrong for what she was doing and takes her staff from her. As Tomoko was trying to keep the staff away from Ritsuko, the Kamen Rider Club got free and confront her.

In the end, she was defeated by Fourze's Fire States. Ritsuko made a return appearance as she was accused of being the Altar Zodiarts again. She was going to ask Gentarou to prom but when he said that he didn't believe her, she became angry at him. Tomoko was still her friend and believe her that she wasn't Altar.

Ritsuko was proven innocence when the Kamen Rider Club discover that the Altar Zodiarts was actually a hair clone from the Coma Zodiarts. In the end, she went out with Ryuusei to prom which wasn't her first choice as she still wanted Gentarou but still happy with the choice. Altar Zodiarts normally was supposed to have only telekinesis but with her obsession with the occult, she developed pyrokinetic powers as well.

She also has a staff which she can use to fight directly or send out fireballs from it.

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With her telekinetic powers, she uses the medallions to give the other witches similar powers as her but at a lesser degree. He has an overbearing personality that makes people repelled away from him. Makise has a deep infatuation with Yuuki due to her having the same interest in the stars but eventually despises her for rejecting him.

He planned to get revenge on her by helping her find the locker that was the key to the Rabbit Hutch and destroy it in front of her. He was successful in the plan but in actually it was a fake locker which neither party knew at the time. Makise decided to get rid of every girl except Yuuki who rejected him by driving a bus off a broken bridge. His plan was a failure due to Powerdizer stopping the bus and eventually Fourze defeating him with a combination of Stealth and Elec States.

Makise was punished for his actions by the other girls. Pyris Zodiarts has the ability to move things and people the way he wants with his horns on his arms. They also act as dowsing rods to locate objects. His combat ability is rather limited due to Makise's personality.


His quest of perfection of an art piece for a kindergarten made him suitable for a Zodiarts Switch. Motoyama used the power to petrify everything that would disrupt his concentration. He was initially defeated by Fire States but was able to surpass Last One. Gentarou was able to reach Motoyama's human side even though he was still under the influence of the Switch by showing him even though Gentarou's drawing is bad, his feelings show through regardless.

Motoyama realized that his quest of perfection for him only and forgot about the people the drawing was for. This realization made Libra angry since it stop any chance of Perseus becoming a Horoscope and turn him into a berserker as punishment. Motoyama ends up starting anew with his drawing for the kindergarten afterwards.

Perseus Zodiarts has the ability to petrify things through touch via the Medusa head on his left hand. After surpassing Last One, he was able to fire beams from the Medusa head which causes the same petrification effect. He also carries a sword which he charged up for a powerful attack. She later surpassed Last One and evolved into the Scorpion Zodiarts.

Her abilities as Canis Minor are unknown since it was only shown once as a flashback. Nonomura Kimio is a second year student who views himself as Kengo's rival and studies all the time to best him. When Libra gives him a Zodiarts Switch, he decides that physically eliminating the competition is a better idea. He initially attacks Kengo but was stopped by Fourze.

When Gentarou discovers that Nonomura is Lynx and confronts him with it, he takes JK hostage so Gentarou couldn't attack him. JK was saved by Meteor and was defeated by him but that allow him to surpass Last One.

(Kamen Rider Fourze) In Space, No-one Can See Your Pompadour.

Libra tells him that he can evolve into a Horoscope if he destroys everything he doesn't like. Nonomura attacks the school with Dustards but is confronted by Fourze. Nomoto Jin is a third year student and captain of the track and field club at Ama High. He rules over the club with his harsh rule of no outside help and cannot date.

Libra gives him a Zodiarts Switch and was asked to defeat both Fourze and Meteor. He seemed to be the perfect choice as he overpowered the both of them in multiple encounters. Jin tries to figure out Meteor's identity by thinking it was Kengo at first but later thought it was Shun. Eventually Jin reveals himself as Dragon he fights with Rumi because she got better without his help. He was defeated by Fourze with Magnet States.

Jin makes a return appearance as he was being accused of being the Dragon Zodiarts once again. He ends up going to prom with Tamae due to Gentarou's insistence. Dragon Zodiarts has the strength of a Horoscope with his great strength and incredible resistance to normal attacks which also includes electricity and fire. He is able to redirect electrical and heat energy that makes contact with him and able to produce metal shotputs to throw at the enemy.

He finds a Zodiarts Switch which was previously dropped by Libra during an encounter with Fourze. He becomes the Pegasus Zodiart and fights athletes while imimating Utuski Haruka since she took his fan after hitting her with it. After being defeated by Fourze, Virgo bought his body so he could evolve into the Cancer Zodiarts. Pegasus Zodiarts' main strength comes from its kicks since it is based off a horse. It can fire energy horseshoes from its feet. Even though Pegasus was a horse with wings, the Zodiarts apparently can't fly or chose not to.

Eguchi Norio is a student at Ama High who wants to be a hero even since seeing Fourze fighting the Lynx Zodiarts but tends to run away when danger is nearby. Libra gives him a Zodiarts Switch when he first activated the Switch, Norio developed a second personality called Kyknos. While under this second personality, he performs heroic acts but attacks anyone who mocks him and willing to use human shields.

Eventually an entire club was devoted to him called the Ugly Duckling Society with former member of the ballet club, Toriizaki Misa, is the president. They were unaware that Norio was actually Kyknos and even dock him points for his cowardly actions. When Fourze initially encounters Kyknos, he tries to be his friend which even Kyknos helps him with battling Cancer.

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During the second encounter, Kyknos used Tomoko as a shield against Meteor which made Fourze attack him and revealing his goal that he wants to be the only hero of Ama High. Eventually Norio became afraid of his Kyknos personality and even had a fake fight with him which was how the Kamen Rider Club figured out Kyknos's identity.