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They tend to be changeable and unstable, so they often change their mind. They can be good friends, but a very inconvenient enemy to anyone. Less developed individuals, contrary to what has been said, are those who want to conceal the truth to themselves or their world, fearing to be exposed to others -this is a significant problem in any interpersonal relationship, but it is particularly painful when it comes to love and family. For those who are born on November 5, it will be a significant effort to keep everything in the way it is that it can very often harm them and others.

But they have to have positive support from their lovers and family, and how they can get close to the people who have so many secrets? These people are smart, intellectual, poetic, they love books and art, and they are able to find their careers in many creative jobs, like acting, or writing.

November 5 Zodiac

In fact, there are a few things that those born on November 5 do not value and do not accept. This can become a problem at times in their lives since they do not always live in harmony with their ideals and their dreams so that these people can become underachievers.

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And this is a shame since these people can provide so much to the community. While they are able to show the face of a smile to the world, these Scorpios have an entirely different side of the inside that much more depicts their true being. And what is that face, their true nature? It can be cunning and cynical whenever they want, but it happens mostly when someone gets on their way. It's a powerful day for communication in your relationships as messenger planet Mercury connects with the planet of commitments and responsibility, Saturn.

An important conversation takes place in your relationships. It's a great time to set boundaries. Communication planet Mercury connects with the planet of responsibility, Saturn, creating a supportive and focused energy in your career.

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It's a great time to set goals—and make money! Communicate your needs, and use today's energy to plan a schedule that will truly support you. What's in the stars for you in September?

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Depending on the prevailing element in their chart, we will see that those with an emphasis on Earthly positions turn to movement, while those with accented element of Air turn to research. Still, two sides of Mercury are to be combined until they are satisfied with all areas of their life. The focus point of Scorpios born on the 5th of November is found in the essence of Uranus.

This speaks of their liberation in time, as they discover that it is not up to them to shut down the core of personality they need to share, but up to others to embrace them with respect, fully acknowledging who they are. As they mature, they discover who their true friends are, and find it much easier to talk about things that truly interest them instead of engaging in small talk that drains their energy away.

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Their goal is to find the right social circle and good friends that will support them in their deepest truths. While self-expression presents the most important issue in lives of those born on November 5th, to be true to themselves and other people, they need to build a strong foundation in their heart. Intimacy is a special theme in their life as they might get overly rational and try to do things as practical and humane as possible, while forgetting to attend to their own emotional needs seeing them as a weakness. Their world of emotions needs to allow freedom of sharing and freedom of movement, and this has some trouble connecting with their own obsessive impulses when they fall in love.

A partner they choose to stay with should always support their personal freedom and move in similar circles of friends as they do. The web of adaptive choices and compromise could distance them from their inner truth and make them deeply unsatisfied, leading to fiery breakups and sudden changes that leave them, or the other person, bruised. To connect in love and stay in it for years, they are to communicate without restraint and keep their focus on nurturing individuality of both people involved.

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Scorpios born on the 5th of November make incredible and creative things in writing, communication skills and large social circles, and carry healing energy in their hands. They may become healers or social butterflies with a message for everyone in their life if they get light enough and confident enough to openly speak about things that know with certainty. Innovators and curious diggers through information, they make great scientists and researchers who know their way through irrelevant details to reach the core of any issue.