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This may force you to travel off the beaten path. A career awakening may take place by the end of the week, alerting you to the truth behind a project or a path you may be taking. Don't jump to conclusions yet.

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You may be feeling reckless in the way you communicate this week, so think twice before you speak. Expect disruptions in your plans, but try to exercise patience and integrity. There will also be a shift in your perspective, as if you are being pulled away from your focus so that the bigger picture can come together.

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Make sure to consider everything as a whole. You may be dealing with disruptions in your finances this week, so spend wisely and rethink what it is you truly need. Stability is more important than overindulging and it sprouts from a strong self-worth. You may be forced to pay off a debt by the end of the week. Whether that debt is emotional or financial, a difficult situation is coming full circle. You may be striving for freedom and rebelling against the system this week, so keep your compulsions in check. Refine your individuality, but make sure to consider where your impulses are coming from before you take action.

There will be emotional intensity surrounding your relationships this week and there may be difficult truths that surface, so be brave. There may be intense revelations that come to light this week. Your subconscious is shifting in ways you might not have expected, so pay extra attention to your dreams and any strange thoughts that creep in. You're also grappling with the way you've been treating your priorities and your daily routine.

You'll soon learn what's working for you and what isn't.

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Your social circle is undergoing changes this week and you may be faced with a situation in which you are forced between choosing yourself or the needs of others. Remember that freedom is a central feature of love. Your idea of romance is also under fire this week, as there may be tensions with someone you're dating, as well as artistic pressure. You're in the midst of some tensions in your career this week and you may find yourself rebelling against an authority figure, as well as striving for more autonomy.

Breathe through any brash instincts and try to be constructive. However, your focus will inevitably drift over to your home life. If there are conflicts you have yet to deal with at home, you can't avoid them any longer. You're striving for a more independent and free-spirited philosophy of life this week.

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If there's anyone telling you what to do or how to think, you might be less patient with them. Follow your heart, but remember to do so with kindness. There may also be an emotional and sensitive conversation in the works this week, so be careful what you say. Some secrets should stay secret. | Daily horoscopes written by Rick Levine & Jeff Jawer

You may drift away from any emotional attachments or responsibilities this week. Remember that your actions toward loved ones could cause damage in the long run. A spiritualist, she worked for some years with a trance medium, talking directly to spirit and getting information about Karma, reincarnation, and technical astrological details. Nancy uses her own psychic abilities as an aid to the symbols decoding that is the heart and soul of astrology. She can see and hear the dead as well as spirit guides-popularly called angels-and she channels these entities for clients to whom their information is relevant.

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